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MOT Type 1

MOT Type 1

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The Type 1 primary is the Swiss Army knife of aggregates. This versatile product wears many hats, tackling a wide range of applications with unmatched flexibility and performance. With an arsenal of capabilities at its disposal, the Type 1 primary is a true multi-functional powerhouse.

MOT Type 1, also known as MOT Type 1 Sub Base and Type 1 Aggregate, is a popular, cost-effective and multi-functional aggregate that has a lot of strings to its bow. 

It is composed of hard-wearing crushed limestone gravel stones and has multiple applications, such as the creation of sublayers for road surfaces, the formation of load-bearing layers, as well as being suited to surface applications for top layers below concrete, shingle or asphalt.

How is MOT Type 1 made? 

It is manufactured from crushed lime. The crushed material ranges in size up to 50mm. 

It is made up of crushed material ranging in size from 0 to 50mm, and its applications range from road sub-bases to pre-tarmacking preparation.

MOT Type 1 is a granular sub-base material that’s been certified. This is the product for you if you require trench fillsbackfillsroad sub-basespre-tarmacking preparationover-site fills, or a sub-base for pathsdrivewayspatios, and so on.

Features and benefits of MOT Type 1 

  • When compacted, it ensures minimal voids in the sublayer
  • Excellent load-bearing properties 
  • Well-liked by both driveway and building firms 
  • Recycled versions available for an eco-friendly alternative 


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