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40mm Dura Green Elite Wide 5m

40mm Dura Green Elite Wide 5m

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Dura Green Elite 40mm Wide 5m Artificial Grass: Premium Quality for Larger and Wider Gardens

Transform your outdoor space with our Dura Green Elite 40mm Wide 5m Artificial Grass, a top choice for those seeking a natural and luxurious look for larger gardens. Here's why this product stands out:

Key Features:

  • Pile Height: 40mm, providing a lush and realistic appearance.
  • Roll Widths: Available in 2.5m and 5m, ideal for minimizing joints in expansive areas.
  • UV Warranty: 8 years, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy and durability.

Why Choose Dura Green Elite 40mm Wide 5m Artificial Grass?

  1. Perfect for Larger Gardens: The 5m width reduces the need for multiple joins, making installation more seamless and cost-effective.
  2. Natural Aesthetic: Crafted with dark green and light green straight grass blades combined with short green and light brown curly thatch blades, this artificial grass mimics the look and feel of natural grass.
  3. Soft and Comfortable: The fine artificial grass blade offers a soft texture, making it perfect for both adults and children to enjoy.
  4. Durable and Reliable: Manufactured in Europe to the highest standards, this artificial grass is built to withstand varying weather conditions while maintaining its lush appearance.

Highly favoured by professional installers, our Dura Green Elite 40mm Wide 5m Artificial Grass is easy to work with and delivers a superior finish. Its dark, natural-looking shade enhances the aesthetic appeal of any garden, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Upgrade your garden with the best in artificial grass. Enjoy the beauty of a perfectly manicured lawn year-round without the hassle of maintenance.

Order your Dura Green Elite 40mm Wide 5m Artificial Grass today and experience the difference in quality and appearance!

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