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10mm PAS100 Compost

10mm PAS100 Compost

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This finely screened organic soil improver is one of our most popular composted products, and it’s made with only natural, contaminant-free composted organic ingredients.

Soil Improver

This organic soil improver, also known as soil conditioner, is a friable, dark, rich, fine compost packed full of natural nutrients and minerals that will slowly release into the soil over time, greatly improving the natural properties and performance of the soil. This includes improved water retention, natural increase in nitrogen and fertiliser levels, and the enhancement of structure and stability of the soil. It is fully certified to BSI PAS100:2018 (the British Standard for composted materials).

This substance has more organic matter than either horse dung or mushroom compost, and it is finely screened to a thickness of 10mm, making it easier to deal with.

Chargrace Organic Soil Conditioner also has an alkaline pH and is a great way to improve many sorts of soils, especially heavy clay soils and sandy loams

How to use PAS100 Compost

Spread a 50mm layer of Chargrace Organic Soil Conditioner over the area to be treated and fork or rotate it into the soil for general soil improvement.

If the soil is really poor or nutrient-depleted, consider increasing the treatment to 75mm or even 100mm.

Our soil improver can help restore the natural balance of soils while also promoting a healthy growing environment for plants to thrive in.

Please keep in mind that our soil improver is a highly rich compost that needs to be blended with soil before planting.

It is not a good medium for potting or sowing young plants, and we do not recommend using it for this purpose or as a direct growing solution because outcomes may vary greatly. We recommend using our multi-purpose composts in these situations.

Benefits of our 10mm Compost 

Soil improver is made from naturally composted green waste materials that have achieved critical temperatures throughout the composting process, effectively destroying the vast majority of weed seed.

The other benefits of soil conditioner include: 

  • Enriches raised beds and flower borders
  • Improves undernourished soils
  • Boosts nitrogen, nutrients and phosphates
  • Adds organic matter
  • Increases aeration
  • Improves water retention

Delivery across the local area 

Here at PatioSupplies, we make sure you get the right products for the right price, and at a time that suits your project perfectly. Just use this page to place an order or to get in touch with our friendly team. We supply to locations in our local areas of Kent, Bromley and Sevenoaks. 

PatioSupplies Organic Soil Conditioner is a bi-product of the green waste industry, and while we only buy it from known, reputable suppliers who test it to BSI PAS100:2018 on a regular basis, PatioSupplies  does not make it and thus cannot guarantee the ingredient, chemical, or nutrient composition of the compost. On rare occasions, this product may include trace levels of plastics, which is unavoidable because it can occur as a direct result of the green waste process.

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